City & Culture


City & Culture

Ruidoso is a lovely village that truly has something for everyone. Whether you're an avid adventurer, a foodie fanatic, or are more into maxing your relaxing, here are our favorite places to go.


CornerStone Bakery

Cornerstone Bakery is my granddaughter's favorite place to take her children. Open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, the Cornerstone Bakery is Trip Advisor's number one Ruidoso restaurant-- and for good reason! With food that will truly please everyone, this family restaurant is locally owned and operated. Have small kids with you? They've been known to bring out *bread dough* for the kiddos to play with while they wait. Don't forget to grab something sweet from the bakery on your way out!



Ruidoso is full of local artisans and craftsman, and their shopping centers are a reflection of that artistry. Bring home a sweet bear carved out of wood using a chainsaw, or a beautiful handmade pottery piece. Looking for something to snack on? Check out the award winning cheese shop, located in the back of our favorite Ruidoso T-Shirt shop. Rather have something to drink? There are wine tastings all over town. We especially love bringing home some of the bath salts and soaps from "All Lathered Up," located nearby "Thunderbird's," one of the most delightful shops you've ever been inside-- always a surprise around the corner there! 


Sacred Grounds

Sacred Grounds is a must visit, even if you aren't a coffee drinker! This massive coffee shop has the most lovely patio-- it's three stories tall! Feel the cool mountain breeze and hear the nearby stream babble away as you sip on a steaming mug and feel your breath slow down and your thoughts untangle. Looking for something more lively? Come by every Friday night for live music from both local and traveling musicians.


Racetrack and casino

Ruidoso Downs is nestled into a valley on the mountain, making it a breathtaking place to behold, whether your by the track, or looking at it from above. The tracks feature racing from Thoroughbred and Quarter Horses, and they host events and races throughout the season. Check their site to see when you want to book your stay so you can be a part of the action. In addition to the races, you can also check out Billy the Kid Casino by the track and test your luck. Who knows? You might just win the jackpot!