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About The Condo

For over twenty years, my family and I have come back to this mountain at least once a year. It's a place to recharge, to find yourself, and to create memories. It's where my granddaughter learned to swim, and my grandson perfected his golf swing. The playground next to the country club office is where I watch my great-grandchildren brave the tall slide and giggle with delight as we push the merry-go-round a little faster every year. The condo is where we connect with each other. Board games in the evenings, steaks on the grill, and the smell of chlorine in our hair from the pool. The mornings where we sneak our coffee out onto the porch and sit on the swing, watching the deer pass over the green are some of my favorites. We have been coming to the mountains of Ruidoso for over twenty years, and we invite your family to do the same. To connect, to explore, to discover the world around you. And in the process, to grow closer together. It's what this mountain is there for, and it's why we keep coming back.

If you want to encounter the life changing magic of the Ruidoso mountains, contact us today to book your experience.